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Hi, I’m Esti Asher, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Self-Care Enthusiast on a mission to help women reach their ultimate health and well-being potential inside and out. I share credible, clear and inspiring nutrition information with women.


I have been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist since 2013; I have a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, and a Master of Science in Human Environmental Sciences with an emphasis in Nutrition.  I am currently on the Nutrition Advisory Board for Wellspring Magazine and write a monthly column as well.  Within my private practice, I share credible, clear and inspiring nutrition information with women and help guide them towards success in their health and wellness goals. My approach is kind, positive, and very supportive with communication during and between client sessions.


My professional experience also includes years of creating nutrition curricula and teaching nutrition education in numerous schools, ultimately reaching thousands of children and young adults from grades K-12. I have given presentations and conducted Professional Developments for teachers, coaches, and other school staff. I have worked with clients one-on-one, made several media appearances and provided workshops, in-services, cooking demonstrations, and other speaking engagements both in-person and virtually.


My approach is practical, positive, holistic and inspiring; I educate and empower. I focus on many factors that contribute towards overall health. I not only provide guidance on how and what to eat, but I additionally place a strong emphasis on healthy habits and behaviors that are optimal to reach your ultimate health and well-being potential. I encourage self-awareness, self-care and self-love.


With so much nutrition information available, I aim to be the go-to source for women regarding nutrition.

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