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Client Testimonials

“Esti is so patient and makes herself available for her clients. I felt her genuine care and desire to help me every step of the way! And with each success story and victory I achieved, I felt it was our victory together! Highly recommend!”



“I had some very specific nutritional goals I was trying to reach, but knew I needed some guidance. Esti helped me learn how to be more aware of my diet and what was holding me back from reaching my goals. I even learned how important it is to eat certain types of foods at certain times! I found Esti to be more than an expert dietary coach. She was a friend on my journey, and I felt supported in a positive way even when I got off track! I feel much more empowered and knowledgeable in my food choices ….not only in continuing to reach my goals, but to feel great too!"



“Losing weight has always been a struggle for me and all the diets out there seemed so restrictive and difficult to maintain, so I was nervous about even trying. That's why working with Esti was the best choice - she doesn't just put you on a diet and say go avoid all this food and starve yourself. In fact, she does that exact opposite: she teaches you how to make healthy choices and most importantly to be mindful of what and when you're eating and drinking. You can eat your brownie when you need it and not feel bad about it! If you don't fully restrict yourself and let yourself eat something "unhealthy" sometimes, you don't feel a need to go eating everything in sight. This is how Esti helps you make a lifestyle change and not a "going on a diet for 12 weeks and then I'm done (and then gaining all the weight back)" change. Through constant communication, encouragement, and helpful ideas, Esti taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle, learn about what my body actually needs, (eat a lot more veggies and enjoy them :)), and the most exciting part- it actually worked and I lost a lot of weight! Thank you Esti!”


“I am so thankful to have found Esti Asher Nutrition! Esti is so patient and caring, providing practical nutritional advice and answering all of my questions to create the ultimate individualized plan!”



“Esti provides guidance that will mold your mindset to create a healthy lifestyle for results that will last and tips that will carry through for the rest of your life! Best investment you can make for yourself!”


“If you have tried countless diets and are tired of having to try and try again, choosing Esti Asher Nutrition is the best decision! Esti offers clear and practical advice that is not only not restrictive, but gives you the freedom of healthy eating and feeling great at the same time!”

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