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About You

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You are a woman who values living a healthy lifestyle. You have searched for, and listened to, nutrition information in the past, but it was all so confusing, contradictory, impractical for your lifestyle and not sustainable for the long term.

You have heard about different diets, forbidden food lists, villainized food groups, and trendy terminology.

You prefer having nutrition information explained and promoted in the positive, focusing on how foods help your body function optimally, versus what you should avoid. You are done with the "no" mentality and ready for the "yes" mentality. You know that the phrase "everything in moderation" is true, and not just lip-service.

You know that the way you nourish yourself has a deep effect on you; a happier, healthier you consequently has an invaluable effect on not only yourself, but on your family as well.

You know that the way you model a healthy lifestyle and attitude about food will impact the habits that your children will adopt, which also has countless and invaluable outcomes.

With all this in mind, you’re ready to embark on the nutrition and healthy lifestyle journey that is credible, clear and inspiring. You are done with the nutrition nonsense of the past, and ready to begin to experience an exciting, positive, practical, nourishing, enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle from now on.

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